Barbie Movie: A Christian Review

Barbie Movie

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The new Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is a hot topic right now. It’s got dazzling outfits, fun songs, and a whole lot of pink. But as a Christian, you might have some questions. Is the movie suitable for my family? Does it share values I agree with? Let’s dive in and find out.

Barbie: Beyond the Pink

At first glance, Barbie is a world of perfection and endless possibilities. But the movie digs deeper. Barbie, even with her ideal life, feels like something is missing. She wants to make a difference, to be seen beyond her looks.

This struggle with identity is something we all can relate to. The Bible reminds us that we’re made in God’s image, and our worth comes from Him (Genesis 1:27). We are called to use our unique gifts and talents to serve others.

barbie movie
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Good Messages, Wrapped in Boldness

The Barbie movie champions acceptance, friendship, and believing in yourself. These are positive themes! Yet, it’s important to know that the film also tackles social issues and includes some suggestive humor that might be more appropriate for older viewers. This provides a great opening to discuss these topics with your kids or teens.

Should Christians Watch the Barbie Movie?

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Ultimately, it depends on your family and your comfort levels. Here are some things to consider:

  • Age: Younger kids might enjoy the visuals and simple messages, but it’s best for older children or teens to grasp the more complex themes.
  • Conversations: Be prepared to discuss ideas about identity, body image, and social expectations that the movie explores.
  • Your Values: Does the movie align with the values you want to instill in your family?

A Conversation Starter

The Barbie movie isn’t a faith-based film, but it can open up valuable conversations. Talk about how your faith guides the way you see yourself and the world. Remind your kids (and yourself) that true beauty and purpose come from God.

Whether you watch it or skip it, the Barbie movie can be a springboard for meaningful discussions about identity, purpose, and the values you cherish most.

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