food that start with J

Foods That Start With “J”

There are different varieties of interesting cuisines but have you ever stopped and wondered how many foods start with the letter “J”?

From regular dishes to tasty fruits and snacks there are a lot of fantastic options. Join me as we explore the various interesting dishes that begin with the letter “J”.

1. Jollof Rice

Inarguably the king of Nigerian dishes, Jollof Rice is number one on our list of foods that start with “J”. With its mouth-watery flavours and a blend of special ingredients.

Jollof Rice is the most loved dish among Nigerians and is commonly prepared during special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, annual holidays like Christmas and so on.

2. Jute Leaves (Ewedu soup)

Jute leaves or Ewedu soup as we commonly call it in Nigeria is a slimy green leaf common among the Yoruba of South-Western Nigeria.

The Yoruba traditionally eat Jute leaves or Ewedu soup together with Amala as one of their local dishes.

It is tasty and nutritious.

3. Jack Fruit

food that start with J - Vibe droid

The jackfruit is a large tropical fruit. Jack fruit is a species of tree in the fig mulberry and breadfruit family.

The ripe fruit is tasty and commonly used in desserts. Its seed could be roasted or boiled.

4. Jam

food that start with J - Vibe droid

Jam is not native to Nigeria but is consumed by many Nigerians. Jam is commonly used as a spread for bread or pancakes. It is also used as a topping for different snacks such as biscuits, cookies and so on.

The jam comes in different flavours including Raspberry, Pineapple, Blackcurrant, Orange, Strawberry and so on.

5. Jerk Chicken

food that start with J - Vibe droid

Jerk chicken is prepared by marinating chicken with a flavourful blend of tantalizing spices and chilli mixtures before being grilled or roasted.

Jerk chicken has its roots in the Caribbean islands. It is one of the foods start with the letter “J” common among the Jamaicans.

6. Jeera Rice

food that start with J - Vibe droid

Jeera rice i.e. Cumin flavoured rice originated from South Asia and has found its way into African kitchens.

This cumin-infused rice has nice flavours that elevate meals with aromatic charm, showcasing the fusion of various flavours.

7. Jollof Spaghetti

food that start with J - Vibe droid

Jollof spaghetti is white pasta prepared just like the popular Jollof rice in tomato sauce with different amazing spices.

You can decide to add vegetables like carrots, peas, green beans and so on to your taste.

8. Jabiko (Apple)

food that start with J - Vibe droid

Though not native to Africa, Apples are widely enjoyed across the continent and consumed in various ways such as snacks, desserts and juice.


We have discussed some of the interesting varieties of food that start with the letter “J” including Jollof rice, Jute leaves also known as Ewedu, Jackfruit, Jam, Jerk chicken, Jeera rice, Jollof spaghetti, and Jabiko or apple.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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