Gen-Z Fashion Styles: It’s Rave in Nigeria.

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    Trending on the internet on a daily basis is the remarkable fashion style of the generation z, popularly known as Gen-z. The Gen-z’s have taken it upon themselves to feed the internet with their peculiarity in their styles of dressing and content. One remarkable characteristic of the Gen-z fashion style is the ability of the Gen-z to bring back what used to be the rave in times past and turn it into something more beautiful and creative.

    Gen z fashion


    It is of no doubt that the fashion styles of the Gen-z is peculiar to them. They pick up things that look interesting and make it glamorous, attractive and interesting. The peculiarity of the Gen-z includes:


    One peculiar attribute of the genes is creativity. They tend to bring about a lot innovations in whatever industry they go into. An example is the fashion industry, the gen-z have turned the fashion industry to something worth looking at as they bring in their innovative styles of make up, dressing and all what not.

    Eye for details.

    The gen-z are peculiar to pay attention to the tiniest of details and make something beautiful out of it. Who would have thought that the bongo trousers, virgin hair for women and lip gloss would be a rave again after reigning for a long time in times before us other than our honourable Gen-z? They pay attention to details that others tend to overlook and make a beautiful meaning out of it.

    Personal Branding.

    The gen-z have a peculiar way of making a particular dress sense of fashion trend a brand for themselves. Take for instance, the buba girl on tiktok has made a brand for herself using iro and buba that has been abandoned by our mothers. That is an example of personal branding. A lot of gen-z find peculiar attributes to brand themselves with and move toward with it.


    One peculiarity of the Gen-z is the ability to be flexible with everything. A gen-z wouldn’t see a shirt and be so insistent on wearing the shirt, the traditional way. He’ll rather look for ways to be flexible with styling this shirt thereby bringing about innovative ideas to work with.

    Undoings Of The Gen-Z Fashion Style

    Despite the fact that the gen-z are innovative and creative, it’s no news that the fashion sense of the gen-z has a lot of undoing. They tend to go overboard sometimes and some of these undoings include:

    Unnecessary exposure of private body parts.

    In the bid to be innovative with their fashion styles, a lot of gen-z go overboard by exposing so much flesh. They were dresses that are so revealing. This has become a major source of concern to the generation before them. They keep saying that with the way gen-z’s are going, a time would come when they’ll no longer wear clothes at all.

    Unnecessary pressure to feel among.

    Individuals tend to be pressured when they see their mates doing so much while they do only a little. A lot of gen-z’s are pressured by their mates to keep up to their fashion styles and this makes a lot of them go into different abhorred acts to keep up with the trend.


    Gen z is a very innovative generation. They have eyes for details and are very creative with all that they do. They are beautiful, glamorous and wield ability to make uninteresting activities, exciting. That not withstanding, there should be a limit to their abilities lest they go out of control.

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