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Nigeria Dinner Ideas For Family Homes

Nigeria dinner ideas tends to give more insights and information on the different meal that could be had for dinner.

Dinner is the last meal to be taken in a day after your daily activities.

Dinner should be taken at least by 6pm and at most 7pm. Anything besides this can become a late meal which can have serious effects on our health.

Dinner for the average man can be anything presentable, easy to make and also healthy to eat.

For the rich who have some outlined timetable and Chefs to prepare this food for them, they might have an orderly dinner everyday which sometimes gives them an upper hand over the average man.

Dinner should be healthy and worth having. That’s why I have come up with these ideas for dinner just in case you’re having issues making a plan.

The dinner ideas listed below are based on popular opinions and what we have come to notice in a matter of time.

Below are some dinner ideas common to a lot of Nigerians.

Jollof Rice

Nigeria Dinner Ideas - Vibe Droid

This is a popular meal among many Nigerians due to its easy preparation and little consumption of materials/ingredients. It is a go to for a wonderful dinner.

Porridge Plantain

Nigeria Dinner Ideas - Vibe Droid

This is another wonderful choice when you think of dinner. Instead of the normal fried plantain, you could prepare it in a porridge way adding your proteins to give you a more healthy and filling dinner.

Egusi Soup

Nigeria Dinner Ideas - Vibe Droid

Another dinner meal that is just okay when you have some packs of soup lined up in your freezer compartment. It can also be prepared before eating but trust me it’s easier if you have it all prepared before dinner. You could have it with any preferred swallow of your choice.

Porridge Beans

This is also a good dinner plan as long as you’ll be having it at the correct dinner time to avoid having a running stomach all night. Aside from that, beans are a nice idea for dinner as they are filling and healthy.


Nigeria Dinner Ideas - Vibe Droid

Noodles are another Dinner idea to try out although might not be filling for some persons but it’s still worth the try.

Moi Moi

Nigeria Dinner Ideas - Vibe Droid

Another dinner idea that also falls in. It could be taken with garri to complement it.

Vegetable Sauce

Vegetable sauce can be helpful as a dinner meal because of its versatile nature. It could be used with rice, plantain, yam as well as swallow.


Nigeria is a diverse country with a lot of ethnic groups and people who share different ways of life (culture). These dinner ideas have been carefully sorted and selected to at least sit well with the majority of Nigerians regardless of ethnicity, religion etc. For other meals you can include in your plan, check out the post on List Of Nigerian Foods You Can Try Out

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