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Nigerian Food Stuff: Must Have Ingredients

Every Nigerian home uses different condiments in preparing their meals. There are some food ingredients which should not be lacking in the home as they are used in our everyday meals, these food items should be available in our homes at all times.

Read on and get to discover these common ingredients which should always be in your kitchen. 

  • Palm oil and vegetable oil: 

It cannot be argued that these two ingredients are a must-have in every Nigerian home. Palm oil and vegetable oil are used in nearly every meal we prepare so you should always have them on standby.

Vegetable oil - NIgerian Food Stuff, Vibe Droid
Vegetable Oil

Oil serves for colouring and equally gives taste to your meals. It is used in meals such as soups, stews, rice and so on. 

  • Spices:  

Spices are used in preparing meals for aroma and better state. Spices including curry, thyme, salt, seasoning cubes, turmeric, ginger, garlic and so on should not be lacking in your kitchen. 

Cooking Spices - Nigerian Food Stuff - Vibe Droid
Cooking Spices

All spices are special because of the unique flavors and aromas which they add to your meal. 

  • Tomato, pepper and onions:  

Tomato | Pepper | Onion - Nigerian Food Stuff - Vibe Droid
Tomato | Pepper | Onion

These are another set of core ingredients you need to have handy in your kitchen. If you like your tomatoes and pepper fresh you can choose to buy in bulk and preserve them ready for use whenever you need it. If not, you can buy the already processed one in the form of a tin or sachet. Either way, it will serve you. 

  • Crayfish/Dry fish/Stockfish:  

A good number of Nigerians love fish. Crayfish is one of the major ingredients in every Nigerian dish. It gives a nice taste and aroma to meals. Ranging from Jollof rice to soups you can add your preferred fish to your dish and enjoy. 

  • Garri: 

This has to be the most popular food item in Nigeria. Some people like to refer to Garri as a lifesaver, especially among younger people such as students. 

2 Bowls of Garri - Nigerian Food Stuff - Vibe Droid
2 Bowls of Garri

Garri can be taken as a swallow with any soup of your choice and can equally be drunk. It is safe to add Garri to the list of fast foods in Nigeria and is a must-have in every home. 

  • Rice: 

Rice is another popular food Nigerians enjoy. Hardly a week goes by without a Nigerian household eating rice at least once a week. Due to how Nigerians hold rice in high esteem it has since been a food that appeared for special occasions. Rice is definitely a must-have in your kitchen. 

  • Yam: 

Yam Tubers - Nigerian Food Stuff - Vibe Droid
Yam Tubers

Yam is regarded as the king of crops in some Nigerian cultures such as the Igbo culture. Yam is another essential food item which should always be available in every Nigerian household. Nigerians enjoy Yam in different forms including porridge, fried, boiled, and pounded depending on how you like it. 

  • Plantain :  

Plantains - Vibe Droid

Plantain is equally an essential food item in Nigerian households. Plantain goes with nearly every type of food, for instance, beans and plantain, Jolof rice and plantain, plantain and eggs, and the list goes on. 

If you’re scared of buying plantain for fear that they may get spoilt then preservation is easy. Simply buy ripe ones enough for your immediate use and get unripe ones for future use. For the unripe ones you can preserve them by storing them in cold water, when you want to use them simply remove them a day or two before use. 


These food items are some of the basics frequently used in every Nigerian household and they are all unique. They are essential food items that should not be lacking in your kitchen at any point in time. Having them in your store will save you a lot of stress. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Tell me in the comment section what you think about this list of Nigerian foodstuffs and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for early updates.

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