Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel - Gym/ Fitness Journey

Insights from Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel’s Fitness Journey

Ever stare at those fit Instagram bods and wonder, “Me? Nah, never gonna happen”? Well, hold on to your protein shakes, sisters, because Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel is here to drop some real talk (and maybe a little shade ) on the fitness journey.

Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel - Gym/ Fitness Journey

Forget the gimmicks and quick fixes, Vic’s spilling the honest-to-goodness tea on what actually works (and what doesn’t!). From battling body dysmorphia to slaying gym myths, she’s been there, done that, and got the ripped abs to prove it.

So, ditch the baggy sweats and grab your headphones (Sia blasting optional), because Vic’s about to guide you through the sometimes sweaty, sometimes hilarious, always empowering world of fitness. You ready to step into this “hell” and build the bod you deserve? Let’s go!

“A lot of people have been asking me to but I’ve put off giving any fitness tips for a long time because there are lot of trial and error on this journey. Every one has a different body, different goals and there’s no one size fit all to this fitness and bodybuilding journey.

Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel - Gym/ Fitness Journey

Still, I’ve been at this for a year now and when I say I look different from when I started, I look different. I’ve battled body dysmorphia, and it took me months to get used to my new look but here goes nothing…


Add a lot of protein to your diet. I know you hate yoghurt, get up and take it. Be consistent at the gym but don’t overwork your muscles. Follow a steady routine for weeks, don’t incorporate new programmes every day. Get some rest days, sleep early, drink water.

Buy good workout wears, my sister.

There’s absolutely no reason why you should wear your stay home clothes to the gym. Clothes, good clothes give confidence. The gym is your lover and you’re on a date, you should look good on a date.

Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel - Gym/ Fitness Journey

Go slowly, and build up from there.

Don’t overdo. You’ll break your back, hurt yourself and will not see tangible progress as well. Jiri nwayọọ. You shouldn’t be competing with someone who has been at the gym for years.

You cannot spot reduce fat.

You cannot reduce only fat in your stomach while your body remains the same. It’s not magic, baby.

Oh, and a lot of those fitness models you’re following are either on steroids or use body filters. Don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s best to follow someone who has similar body type to yours. Hip dips are genetics and there are exercises which can reduce the appearance, but not completely remove them. You can do your own research on them.

Buy a good headset.

My gym plays mostly Afrobeats and I’m not into those types of songs. With a good headset you can play your own type of songs. I recommend Sia, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion, but feel free to do whatever works for you.

Victoria Onyinye Nathaniel - Gym/ Fitness Journey

One more thing, people at the gym are extremely attractive but my sister, please don’t date them except you just want something casual. For the most part, it never works out and you might even have to change to another gym.

I think that’s just about it. Oh, please follow Peace Nkanta (Facebook), even if you don’t do any other thing I said here, please don’t forget that one.

Welcome to this side of Hell. ”

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Checkout the next post on the best exercise routines for maximum fitness and wellness.

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4 months ago

‘Gym is your lover and you are on a date’. Ok sis. That’s enough take away. ❤️

4 months ago

I love every bit of it. You found a way to put it even better.

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