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A whole lot of times, confusion takes a better part of individuals on what to do to make themselves better and more productive. Means of  learning and the best ways to be disciplined, consistent and productive are seeked for by people. That being said, one can become a better person by reading books, more especially best adult book series.

People who have a vast range of experiences pen these experiences down in a book . There are a lot of books out there ranging from fiction, to sci-fi, to adventures to self development and religious books. All these books have a common goal: to educate and inform the readers.

Best adult book series

Best Adult Book Series:

There are a lot of best adult book series both on the web and in paperbacks. However, some authors took it upon themselves and wrote books on self development. They include:

POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. A best adult book series.

This best adult book series is a beautiful book that talks about how positive thinking affects self development and personal peace. Also, It gives snippets on what to do to achieve positive thinking and how to make sure that it tells in all you do. A great read, this is. Do make sure to pick a copy and read.

14,000 THINGS TO DO TO BE HAPPY by Barbra Ann Kipfer.

Although this on the first look seems like the scribbles of a 2 year old, it is a best adult book series that contains little things that can influence our happiness. These things are day to day activities that tell on peoples happiness without their knowledge. Looking for a book that will help you pay more attention to little details, this is surely your go to book.


This book talks about how little habits shape the identity of individuals. Also,It enlightens people on how to build desirable habits and how to break or stop bad ones. It is a book to read that will help you know your way around behaviours.


This best adult book series talks about how much things are damaged by excuses. Also,It talks about how the mindset of excuses stops a lot of individuals from attaining their dream level . Although a lot of people can’t say no to excuses,  they’ll find help here. If you need a book to talk you out of your comfort zone, this book is your best option.

MASTER YOUR MIND by John Willson.

This best adult book series is a bookbook that talks so much of how to be in charge of your mind and what it thinks. Furthermore, It talks so much on how to work on  positive thinking and mind mastery. In anyway, If you want to be a master of your mind and how it thinks, don’t sleep on this piece.

HOW TO BE YOURSELF by Ellen Hendriksen.

This books centers on social anxiety and how to overcome it. In addition,It talks about how to overcome fear of public spaces and relationship with people. Suffering from social anxiety and want to overcome? The author bore you in mind while writing this piece.


As known, a lot of people seek for books that will help them develop. These best adult book series would help you to work on yourself and become a better person.

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