Books for Christians to read on Financial prosperity

books for Christians to read on Financial prosperity

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Books for Christians to read on Financial prosperity are books written based on the insight and revelation of the Holy Spirit to men of God.

These books cover the physical and spiritual aspect of making and maintaining wealth. Wealth and all other blessings of God follow certain principles and whatsoever is principle oriented irrespective of the distance and time.

All you need do is follow the principles written in these books for God isn’t partial, what He does for one, He can do for all.

Have you been having financial difficulty? Do you seem to the lost in the well of financial difficulty?

Then, this article is for you. Here’s a list of books for Christians to read on Financial prosperity;

1: “Unlocking wealth from the court of Heavens ” by Robert Henderson.

Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven” begins by explaining the biblical concept of the “courts of heaven.” In the book, He suggests that believers can gain access to supernatural provision by appealing to the courts of heaven.

books for Christians to read on Financial prosperity

He provides practical steps for engaging with the courts, including prayer and fasting. The book also includes personal testimonies from people who have experienced supernatural provision through the courts of heaven.

2: ” School of Money” by Olumide Emmanuel:

School of Money” is a book by Olumide Emmanuel, a Christian author and financial expert. The book is designed to help Christians achieve financial prosperity through biblical principles and practical advice.

School of Money by Olumide Emmanuel image

It covers topics like budgeting, saving, investing, giving, and more. Throughout the book, Emmanuel shares stories and examples of people who have successfully applied these principles to their lives. He also provides a step-by-step guide for implementing these principles in your own life. It’s surely worth the read.

3: ” Money would not make you rich” by Sunday Adelaja

Money Would Not Make You Rich” by Sunday Adelaja is a book that offers a unique perspective on the relationship between money and wealth.

Money would not make you rich image

The book argues that money alone is not enough to achieve true financial prosperity. Instead, Adelaja suggests that it’s more important to focus on spiritual and emotional wealth, as well as developing good character and healthy relationships.

This book is perfect for Christians who are looking for a different approach to financial success.

4: ” Covenant of Wealth” by Bishop David Oyedepo:

Covenant of Wealth” by Bishop David Oyedepo is a book that explores the biblical principles of wealth creation. It emphasizes the importance of faith, hard work, and integrity in achieving financial success.

Covenant of wealth image

Throughout the book, Bishop Oyedepo shares personal stories and practical advice on how to apply these principles to your life. This book is ideal for Christians who are looking for inspiration and guidance on how to grow their wealth in a way that is aligned with their faith.

5: “Law of Prosperity”  by Kenneth Copeland:

Kenneth Copeland is another well-known preacher in the Christian community. “Law of Prosperity” was first published in 1980, and it’s been a popular book on the topic of wealth and prosperity ever since.

Laws of Prosperity image

In this book, Copeland shares his understanding of the principles of prosperity as described in the Bible. He argues that God wants His people to prosper financially, spiritually, and in every other way.

6: “How to Come Out of Debt” by David Ibiyeomie.

It is a book that offers practical advice for getting out of debt. It’s based on the author’s personal experience of going from a life of poverty to one of prosperity.

How to come out of debt image. Books for Christians to read on Financial prosperity

In the book, Ibiyeomie explains the steps he took to get out of debt and achieve financial success. This book is perfect for Christians who are struggling with debt and are looking for a way to turn their financial situation around.

These books aren’t just mere words of writing, they are spirit filled and loaded to make changes in a man’s life. Knowledge and prayer go hand-in-hand.

God bless us all.

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