Food For Dinner in Nigeria

Food For Dinner In Nigeria
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    Nigeria has so many varieties of food which are indeed tasty and made from different ingredients. There are different Food for dinner meals you can choose to enjoy either with your family or alone ranging from the popular Nigerian Jollof to other local dishes.

    In this article, we will explore the rich and diverse varieties of Nigerian food for dinner delicacies you can enjoy and help you make the right choices for dinner.

    • Nigerian Jollof: 

    Food For Dinner in Nigeria

    Nigerian jollof is an incredibly rich aromatic tasty meal prepared with distinctive African spices. It is the most common meal enjoyed by every Nigerian family with a mouth-watery taste. If you’re thinking about a meal to prepare for dinner then I can assure you that Nigerian jollof is a perfect choice for your food for dinner in Nigeria. 

    • Yam porridge: 

    Food For Dinner in Nigeria

     Yam porridge is another incredible Nigerian delicacy which can be prepared in 30 to 35 minutes. Some prepare their porridge plain without vegetables but preferably you can add some green vegetables to your porridge for added nutrients and flavor. Your family can enjoy this meal for dinner. 

    • Beans and plantain (beans and dodo):

    Food For Dinner in Nigeria

    This is another nutrient-packed-rich meal that can be enjoyed for dinner. Simply prepare your beans porridge and fry some plantain, the combo is very healthy and your family will love it. 

    • Akara and pap (ogi): 

    Akara - Food For Dinner in Nigeria

    Nearly every Nigerian family enjoys this Akara and pap combo for either breakfast or dinner. If you’re struggling with deciding what to have for dinner then Akara and pap is an ideal recommendation to try. You can either buy it or prepare it yourself at home. 

    • Moi-Moi: 

    Moi-Moi is prepared with grounded beans with other added ingredients for taste. You can make use of a bowl, tin, leaves or nylon to cook your moi moi depending on which you prefer. Moi-Moi is a mouth-watering delight to your taste buds and it comes highly recommended for dinner. 

    • Spaghetti: 

    One of the meals you can prepare for yourself or your family for dinner is spaghetti. There are different ways you can enjoy spaghetti: either jollof, white spaghetti and stew, egg sauce or any sauce of your choice. Spaghetti is an easy meal to prepare and very ideal for dinner. 

    • Egusi and swallow: 

    If you’re a heavy food lover or you just enjoy having swallow sometimes then I have something for you too. Egusi soup is one of the best tasty Nigerian dishes which can be accompanied by any swallow of your choice. You can enjoy this tasty soup for dinner.

    • Ogbono and swallow:  

    Ogbono is a rich kind of draw soup common in Nigeria. It is made from ogbono seeds (ground African bush mango seeds). It is another nice delicacy to have for dinner with your favourite swallow. Ogbono can be combined with okra depending on how you like it. It packs a lot of rich flavours and can be taken with pounded yam, fufu, eba or any swallow of your choice for dinner. 


    This list of Nigerian delicacies is some of the best we have in Nigeria. From Jollof rice to spaghetti, beans and dodo to other local dishes are nutrient-rich and packed with flavours. 

    Whether prepared at home or the restaurant, feel free to explore and enjoy these dishes for dinner.

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