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Latest Male fashion in Nigeria is heartwarming to see. It is great to see our men with so much fashion sense too. It’s a relief that our sons would grow up in this atmosphere and we wouldn’t have to struggle to find what fashion is okay for them.

Fashion is the art of style, creativity, dressing, and adorning oneself. It encompasses pieces of jewelry, hairstyles, makeup, etc. Fashion is transient. It keeps evolving and changing with time.

Fashion can be influenced by quite a lot of factors like cultural, social, personal, political, environmental, economic, and psychological factors.

Explaining a few, we have.

  • Social factors: The impact of celebrities and social media influencers on fashion is paramount. A style by any celebrity or influencer goes viral pretty quickly and becomes more trendy too. Fans and followers of these celebrities begin to work these styles and before you know it these styles become Fashion.
  • Economic factors: When there is economic growth in the country and people likely have more money to spend, they are willing to spend more on fashion and other luxury items.
  • Personal factors: A lot of personal factors play a role in influencing fashion. These personal factors include age, occupation, lifestyle, and personal style. People of a particular age would typically dress differently than others citing Gen Z and millennials. Occupation can also influence your choice of clothing (fashion), the same as lifestyle. 
  • Psychological factors: Self-esteem and self-image play a huge role in influencing fashion trends. A person with high self-esteem would dress more comfortably and confidently in different styles while a person with low esteem would be conservative in their choices.

With fashion changing constantly, Fashion designers should bear in mind uniqueness, demand, and weather factors when selecting fabric and colour of such fabric.

In the words of a famous German fashion designer, Wolfgang Joop “Fashion is all about suspense, surprise, and fantasy. It’s not about rules”. Celebrities, movies and music, fashion stylists, and the economy of the country all influence fashion. To create stunning designs, a designer needs to have a good eye for color and shape. S/he would also need to be able to spot trends. Also, creativeness, detailed observation skills, communication skills, innovative skills, artistic thinking, and imaginative skills are relevant.

Latest Male fashion in Nigeria. 

The fashion industry seems to have been dominated by Females. However, The males are up and doing, putting their feet on the ground to build a strong fashion style. Some of the Latest Male fashion in Nigeria, include.

  • Bishop Collar Shirt:

    Bishop Collar Shirt is also known as a Clergy shirt, usually worn by clergymen. However, it is also a stylish and sophisticated choice for men. It could be paired with a suit or formal attire or a pair of Jeans or Chinos.

Latest Male fashion in Nigeria - Vibe Droid

  • Chinos:

    Chinos is a type of trouser made of cotton or linen. They are characterized by their straight leg cut, slightly tapered at the bottom. They are popular for their comfort and versatility, a bit more casual than dress pants but can be dressed up depending on the occasion. They are found in different patterns and colors.

Latest Male fashion in Nigeria - Vibe Droid

  • Corporate Native Wear:

    This is also known as ‘Smart Casual’. This is a style that combines traditional Nigerian elements with modern, tailored elements. It typically consists of a tailored, long-sleeved shirt and pants, paired with a traditional Nigerian hat such as the Fedora hat. Accessories such as cufflinks are often added to complete the look. This can be worn for business or formal occasions.

Corporate Nigerian Native wear, Latest Male fashion in Nigeria - Vibe Droid

  • Palazzo pants:

    Palazzo pants also known as Wide leg pants, are a lightweight fabric such as silk or cotton which features wide, flared legs. They are quite a comfortable fit. This style is usually seen in Women but somehow Men have taken up this fit, whether Asake has anything to do with this, we do not know but Palazzo for men is making a comeback. Palazzo pants are often paired with a simple Tee shirt, button-down shirt, dress shirt, or blazer.

Latest Male fashion in Nigeria - Vibe Droid

  • Tie-dye wear:

    Tie-dye is a fabric created using a dyeing technique. It is a stylish and versatile fabric. It has become a popular fabric or fashion for both men and women but for this article, It could be a casual look for males and paired with either a simple, similar solid-colored tie-dye Tee shirt, jeans, or khaki. 

Latest Male fashion in Nigeria- Vibe Droid

  • Agbada Outfits:

    Agbada is a traditional Men’s robe worn for special occasions such as weddings, child dedications, and many more. It is a typical loose, flowing fit with wide sleeves and an elaborate collar. It is made of brocade satin or silk and often embellished with embroidery or other embellishments. It is a rich and vibrant style. Some of these outfits include Agbada for Owambe, agbada with rhinestone embroidery, silk lamé agbada, agbada with beaded embroidery, etc.

Male fashion


Latest Male fashion in Nigeria is quite a beauty to behold. Fashion is beautiful, changing, vibrant, and rich. It is amazing to see that fashion is not just for the females, the males have taken up gear too. 

Factors to consider before taking up fashion are abundant and it’s amazing to see that whoever is the brain behind these Male designs has a keen eye for observation.

The likes of Enioluwa and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu makes Male fashion fascinating and trust me, these men are a delight to look at.

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