Latest Nollywood Movies

latest Nollywood movies

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There are a number of the latest Nollywood movies featuring your favourite actors you would love to see and I promise you it will be worth your time as you experience effortlessly thrilling performances.

The Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood has been doing wonders with movies. With a lot of talented movie producers, they have fed their viewers with quality movies regularly and it just keeps getting better.

Keep reading to get a list of these movies.

1. Madam Koi koi:

It all began when a new student called Amanda started attending a boarding school, she began to have dreadful nightmares linked to a supernatural entity with a bloody agenda.

Download and watch the movie to get the full gist and thrill. If you’re the scary type don’t watch alone. Lol. 

2. Ololade:

Ololade is another screen-worthy Hollywood movie which I recommend. It’s streaming on the 24th of November 2023 and you can’t afford to not see it.

You can check out the thriller for some lead on the movie.

3. Ijogbon:

latest Nollywood movies

Ranti is faced with pressure to go to a seminary college and become a clergyman but that is not what Ranti wants for himself.

Ijogbon is a remarkable cinematic experience that effortlessly weaves together a compelling narrative.

It’s a movie produced by one of the best, Kunle Afolayan.

4. Magenta Coal:

Magenta Coal is a movie starring an ensemble from Nigeria and South Africa where secrets and lies come to light over a bitter tussle to inherit a family fortune.

Download and watch to see how it all went down.

5. The Rise of Igbinogun:

latest Nollywood movies

The movie is all about a young rebellious female warrior who attempts to change the status quo of things and bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor.

It’s an interesting movie to see and I recommend it.

6. The Black Book:

latest Nollywood movies

After his son is framed for murder and killed, a bereaved deacon takes justice into his hands and fights a corrupt police gang under the pay role of rich politicians to absolve him.

The movie shows great stellar performances and exquisite cinematography. It’s a must-watch.


These movies are a compilation of some of the latest Nollywood movies from 2023. They are quality screen-worthy movies which you can’t afford to not see.

Enjoy the thrill of exceptional performances and beautiful cinematography. You can download and watch them in your spare time. Enjoy!

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